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Restaurants are fumigated to protect against covid-19

THE owner of two restaurants in Henley has fumigated them to protect customers and staff from coronavirus.

Nuno Rosado employed a facilities management business to carry out the work at the Square in Market Place and Al Forno in Reading Road before they

Staff from Teamwork UK applied Zoono to the restaurants’ interiors using an electric fogger in order to destroy any traces of the virus. When applied to a surface, the antimicrobial destroys pathogens. This lasts for up to 30 days before it needs to be re-applied and routine cleaning can continue.

Zoono is odourless and has been approved for use by Public Health England.

Teamwork UK’s managing director is Tony Williams, who lives in Wharfe Lane, Henley, and is a customer of the restaurants.

Mr Rosado said: “It’s good because it protects the safety of my customers and staff.

“If someone came in with coronavirus it would be killed as soon as they touched something. It gives us all confidence because the restaurants have been treated.” Mr Williams said his staff would
re-apply Zoono and train Mr Rosado’s staff how to use it so they could apply it themselves.

Anyone using it must wear overalls and a mask during the process to prevent it from covering their body.

Mr Rosado was glad to see his regulars return. The Square ran two dinner services on Saturday for about 60 customers who had made reservations.

These were organised to keep the numbers inside low and make it easier for people to follow social distancing rules. Diners are also able to sit at tables outside The Square, which are at least 2m apart from each other.

About 40 people ate at Al Forno, also across two services.

Mr Rosado said: “I was excited to be able to see all my regulars again. We had the takeaway service but it was nothing like the normal service and I’ve been looking forward to getting back.”

He was able to secure two £10,000 support grants from the Government and was also able to furlough four members of staff at The Square and two at Al Forno.


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