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Zoono Services Inc. Partners with AllClean Services LLC to Develop the ECIC (Environmental Cleaning and Infection Control) Authorized Service Provider Network in the United States

Respected Disinfection Services Companies Introduce ECIC Brand

TORONTO and PONTE VEDRA BEACH, FLOct. 1, 2020 /PRNewswire/ – Zoono Services Inc., North America’s leading provider of environmental cleaning and infection control services and products, and Florida-based AllClean Services LLC, one of the United States’ most innovative and effective integrated facilities service providers operating in 48 states across America, announced that they have executed a master services agreement to develop a growing network of ECIC certified Partners under the North American Zoono Services network.

Certified Zoono Services Partners will display the ECIC certification mark and will be searchable via a database available at

When applied to a surface, Zoono Microbe Shield creates an active antimicrobial barrier effective against germs, bacteria, mold and fungi. Zoono, after drying, leaves behind a mono-molecular layer that bonds to the surface, inhibiting the colonization and growth of harmful microbes for a thirty-day cycle. Zoono Microbe Shield bears the EPA Registration # 83129-1-90830 and the chemistry is classified by the EPA as Category IV, which is the lowest level of toxicity. Zoono’s antimicrobial shield is also available as an FDA registered hand sanitizer, which remains active for up to 24 hours with a single application.

Under the new agreement, AllClean’ s national network of vendor partners will be ECIC certified and able to provide Zoono application throughout the United States in order to meet the extreme demand for application of Zoono’s long-lasting microbe shield. AllClean will couple Zoono’s superior product offering with advanced AI driven technology to spearhead these efforts.  As COVID-19 infection rates climb, and people are bracing for spikes as we enter the fall and winter months, there is unrelenting interest in effective, long term solutions for environmental cleaning and infection control. The importance of ensuring high-touch surfaces remain free from contamination is more important than ever as children settle into school environments, restrictions are eased, and people spend more time indoors as the weather changes.

Last week, United Airlines announced that it has joined a growing number of companies that are using Zoono to mitigate the potential spread of infection. In choosing Zoono Microbe Shield, the airline is ensuring an active defense against a range of dangerous microbes.

Over the past weeks and months, several companies have selected Zoono for their ECIC needs. These companies include: First Group, the North America and UK transportation leader, which operates First Student, First Transport, Greyhound, First Bus, and First Rail, and transported more than 2.1B passengers last year; property management giants Cadillac Fairview and Oxford Properties; airlines and airports including Qantas, Porter Airlines, Melbourne Airport, Dallas Love Field Airport, Hong Kong International Airport, Perth, Darwin, and Qatar Airport; transit and rail systems including Lisbon Transit, Melbourne, London Underground, UK and German mainlines and stations; theatres such as the Royal Albert Hall in London and Shulman Theatres; Texas’s Frost Bank; The NFL Pro Football Hall of Fame’s Hotel and Stadium; Macallan Distilleries, and University of Georgia. These and many other companies, including hospitals, governments, restaurants, food processors, and school boards are among a myriad of entities that understand the need for environmental cleaning and infection control solutions with low toxicity and high efficacy, and they too are using Zoono products.

“The past few months have revealed the need for more science-based technologies to help mitigate disease spread and improve sanitation without creating other issues that some chemically based products can cause,” said Neil Lathangue, CEO, Zoono Services. “As a result, the demand for Zoono across North America has spiked exponentially and by partnering with AllClean, we will be able to identify, train, and certify qualified partners across the United States in order to meet the increased demand for Zoono. AllClean is a proven company with excellent values and superior leadership and we are proud to work with them to expand Zoono Services footprint.”

Zoono is a unique, water-based product that covalently bonds to a surface and forms a barrier of positively charged microscopic pins that attract and pierce negatively charged microbes, rupturing their cell walls and mitigating contamination. Companies around the world are now recognizing that protecting surfaces in this manner greatly reduces the potential for surface transmission and is more cost-effective. Unlike traditional products used in the janitorial and sanitization industries, Zoono does not need to be reapplied constantly.

“Zoono’s efficacy has been proven through extensive independent testing and the Zoono Services team is exceptional and highly qualified,” said Kevin Keegan, CEO and Founder, AllClean Services. “By partnering with Zoono Services to develop and grow a partner network across the US, we will be able to provide this highly advanced technology to millions, and help mitigate the spread of microbes.”

About Zoono Services
Zoono Services is North America’s leader in Environmental Cleaning and Infection Control. With headquarters in Toronto, Canada, Zoono Services offers end-to-end long-term surface disinfection options providing the best ECIC solutions and service. The company also oversees and manages Zoono Services’ North American network of certified service providers offering customers the most technologically advanced and automated solutions including no-touch disinfection via autonomous mobile robots, UV light systems to eliminate pathogens, drones, foggers, and sprayers.

About AllClean Services
AllClean Services LLC is a single solution for the facility service needs of its valued customers. Headquartered in Ponte Vedra Beach, FloridaAllClean Services LLC provides a single solution for facility service needs across the United States through its regional offices and an extensive Vendor Partner Network. This unique Vendor Partner network is comprised of national and global firms, providing a top tier customer experience for multiple markets providing sterilization, disinfection, and thorough cleaning services to thousands of locations nationwide. AllClean services educational facilities, school districts, financial institutions, corporate offices, automotive dealerships, large scale residential buildings, logistics, healthcare, restaurants, entertainment, and a variety of other interior and exterior built environments.

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